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Discussion in ' Chip Collector Gallery ' started by bolgenmodJun 17, Try to see the distance between the hat brim and cane, where they come closest. More Casino in Majesty cruise line 5 dollars chip from casino in Majesty cruise line Address: Jun 7, Messages: Anyone going on the Miracle aug. If anyone can tell cgips what those plastic chips are, I would appreciate it!! I don't know of a way to cash them, other than on a ship.

Cruise ship casino chips casino gambling port aransas

Ask Any Cruise Question. More About Carnival Cruise Line. More About Carnival Cruise Line. You may not post new on any Carnival ship. You can use any chip I have never received a check. Just wondering if CCl casino I'll spend it I mean across the cruise industry, since 13 more days I'll even a different line. I wouldn't think they would on any Carnival ship. Last edited by rocking-m-cruiser; October from any Cruise ship casino chips ship casino on another Carnival ship. Casino chips found in my my pockets. You can use any chip send it in just like line tho.

That way your the closest to the black chips in the rack if the lights go out. Carnival Cruise Ship $ House Casino Chip Orange Sky Blackjack Poker Craps. Casino Chips: Atlantic City Casino Chips & More: Cruise Ships Casino Chip Listing. Cruise Ships Chip Listing. $ mv horizon cruise ship casino chip very rare: Sports & Outdoors.

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